This is a unique simulation of a medical institution where you have to manage a full-fledged hospital using all available options. You need to play the role of a doctor who works in the hospital, using all your acquired skills.

What are the advantages of the game?

Here you can start playing as a talented doctor who decided to open his own hospital. At the same time, to open this hospital, you chose to borrow money from the mafia.
You need to come up with all possible ways to keep your business. At the same time, you need to make a profit to repay the debt. To do this, you need to sell expensive drugs or treat only rich people in order to get enough money to promote.
You need to become a real doctor. In this case, you can use various options to develop events. You can help everyone in a row or sell people for organs to get as much money as possible. Everything depends on you. You need to make the right choice that suits your abilities. Enjoy an exciting simulator and try yourself as a real doctor.

Sick Business

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