What about turning into a god that can create really unbelievable things? You will start with an empty planet and need to fully transform it. How to do it? Easily! You will have to learn the laws of alchemy and merge different items to receive a new one. Ready to experiment?

Create as many things as you only can!

You will have only a set of four powers in the beginning – air, fire, water and earth. Try to combine two of them and get something new. For example, fire and earth will bring you lava. And if you mix lave with air, you will get stone. Step by step, you will get more than 100 different variants. You will find enough hints at the initial stages, but then you will need to rack your brain as you may need to merge several elements at once. Try different quests and complete multiple missions. This adventure never gets boring.

Doodle God Ultimate Edition

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