Here you have to come up with everything possible to save the planet. This game will appeal to everyone, regardless of preferences. Here you can explore various environmental factors that negatively affect the planet’s development. You must find out the real problems the Earth faces daily. You need to save the world from disaster using all available options. Save the planet in just a few clicks.

Game features

Explore the features of each region of the planet. Depending on this, the features of the ecological situation in the region differ. You need to think over unique environmental programs aimed at preserving the environment. Various negative aspects can hurt the environment, leading to unpleasant consequences.
The player’s main task is to optimize the ecological situation in all regions of the country and reduce the risk of destruction of the entire planet. You will also be able to get acquainted with all the statistical data to understand which methods are the most optimal for saving our world. It is essential to act quickly and thoughtfully.

Eco Inc. Save The Earth Planet

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