This is a unique game where you have to take part in a life simulation, doing everything necessary to save the planet’s entire population. You need to move around the city in such a way as to avoid contact with other people.

Avoid interacting with people

Here you need to do everything possible in order to minimize social contact with other players. This is necessary to reduce the risk of spreading diseases.
You need to wear masks that will reduce the risk of spreading the infection, saving many lives on the planet. Throughout the gameplay, you have to collect particular points that you can use to apply specific effects.
If you follow all the recommendations, then you can save the entire planet. This is a unique family game that will not leave anyone indifferent. Here you will learn how to resist the coronavirus properly. Use all the tools and opportunities available to you to save people. Reduce the risk of death, and do everything possible to ensure that everyone can live a peaceful life.

Can You Save The World From Virus?

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