This incredibly bright and exciting simulator will not leave anyone indifferent from the first minutes. You need to do everything possible to simulate the spread of the disease throughout the planet. You must think through details to the smallest detail to optimize the features of the disease’s reach.

Game features

This simulator allows you to experience different ways of spreading diseases worldwide. You must think through every detail to effectively infect as many people as possible. You have to come up with various improvements to the illness that will make the virus even more contagious among the most significant number of people.
You need to infect people in all available ways. It is necessary to monitor the characteristics of specific viruses and their progress. This simulator will allow you to track progress in real-time, thoroughly enjoying what is happening on the screen. Use all available options and tools to customize the effectiveness of the virus. Make your disease the most effective and destroy all of humanity in just a few hours.

Pandemic Simulator

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