This series of games is one of the most exciting and thoughtful in the genre of virus simulators to destroy the planet. Here you have to come up with a disease that can quickly and effectively eliminate all of humanity in just a short period of time. This series of games includes many different options, so you can easily find the right kind of gameplay that you like with control options and other features. Enjoy modern graphics and beautiful controls. Come up with an optimal strategy that will help you destroy humanity as quickly as possible.

Game phases

In this game, you have to come up with a virus that will destroy all of humanity as quickly as possible. Each gameplay option has its own characteristics, so you need to read the description of each game in advance to find the best gameplay option for you.
Each game consists of several phases, so you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. First, you need to choose the number of countries where you will spread your viral infection. After that, it is necessary to think over the features of the disease in accordance with individual tasks. You need to choose the optimal ratio of the degree of the disease, its severity, and neglect so that the virus has time to spread and destroy the person.

You also need to work on your virus regularly, adding various modifications and additional features that can further strengthen this disease among humans. For example, you can consider different options for the lethality of a given condition, optimizing the possibilities for spreading across continents. You can choose another degree of resistance of the virus to various adverse environmental factors. There are many variants in front of you that you can use at minimal cost to yourself.

The main features of the game

During the game, you can achieve victory in a variety of ways. You need to achieve such a scenario in order to destroy most of humanity with the help of a virus. You need to maximize the use of all available resources in such a way as to reduce the risks of a quick defeat for yourself. Only in your hands is the opportunity to win, so use all available means wisely. Choose the version of the game that you like.

Modern graphics and intelligent controls will make the gameplay even more fun for you. You can use all available tools to make the virus even more deadly and powerful. The results will please you if you use all the resources correctly. This is a good chance for you to relax and have a good time.

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