This is another part of a fascinating simulator of the spread of the disease across the planet, which attracts intelligent controls, a modern interface, and broad functionality. It should be noted modern realistic graphics that will not leave anyone indifferent. You can fully enjoy the simulation of the destruction of humanity, which will never bother anyone. This is an exciting game that draws you in from the first minute, allowing you to decide the fate of the whole of humanity independently.

Features and rules

This game is quite simple but no less exciting. It pulls you in from the first seconds. You have to come up with your deadly virus that will infect all of humanity. You need to devise a strategy for spreading the disease that will bring the desired result. To do this, you need to conduct the appropriate research and then plan the features of the spread of your illness in a particular region.
The player must come up with various options for deadly viruses with varying degrees of danger. This disease must be spread throughout the planet using all available tools. You need to get the appropriate scores and come up with more and more new symptoms that will make the disease even more severe for people. As a result, humanity can be completely destroyed after such a disease. That is why you need to think over a strategy that will allow you to spread the disease as quickly as possible in your case.

Variants of spread diseases

First, you must choose a specific type of disease with which you will start. You need to choose a distribution area and pick up the symptoms of the disease. You need to take into account all the parameters of the disease in each phase. It is necessary to indicate the features and variants of the development of the DNA of the virus. You also need to come up with options for growth and effective distribution. You can specify particular parameters that will make your disease even more dangerous for humanity. Each time you can add certain traits to your condition to make it more contagious and lethal. At the same time, choosing the optimal balance of these parameters is necessary so that people do not die from the disease so quickly. You also need to consider the virus’s resistance to various parameters and environmental factors. There are many different options for developing events to choose the best solution for yourself.

Plague Inc 2

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