This is a unique strategy game where you have to develop a zombie virus. You need to do everything possible to spread it around the planet as quickly as possible. To do this, you must conduct your own investigation and then think about the best strategy for destroying the earth. It is necessary to do everything in such a way as to select the best version of the virus, which can not only destroy humanity but do it gradually, spreading throughout the planet.

Gameplay features

This game considers many different variables that directly affect the game’s effectiveness. You need to pay attention to the welfare of the country, its popularity, and its features. You must consider the peculiarities of the location and the rules of residence of people in a particular region. The value of the spread of this virus is directly affected by the thoughtfulness and correctness of the development of this virus. The tactics of spreading the disease affect the rate of illness among other people, so you need to consider all these factors before planning the process of destroying humanity in this game.
You should pay attention to the thoughtful interface of this game. Every detail is thought out to the smallest detail. You should consider the detailed drawing of the planet, viruses, and the spread of diseases. All realistic graphics attract attention from the first minutes. You can pre-select the difficulty level according to your skills, which will help optimize your gaming experience.

Virus distribution rules

First, you need to come up with a name for the virus. For example, you can call him a zombie or come up with another name. The game is easy to control. You need to modify the genetic code of the virus in such a way as to cause the zombie disease. Here you need to try to get the desired result. It is necessary to plan the rules for the spread of the disease and to think about the speed with which the infection should spread among humanity. There are many possibilities open to you that you can use to create a zombie apocalypse all over the planet.

Plague Inc Zombie

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