What about managing your own market? Do you think you have strong business skills for such a task? It looks like an easy-to-manage mission, doesn’t it? So let’s see how well you can cope with it. You will begin with a tiny story, and you need to make it grow!

Become a true market tycoon!

You need to generate a profit by selling different goods. And, of course, your goal is to make your customers happy. You will see dozens of visitors in your store every day, but you need to have enough food to offer them. So make sure to upgrade your market, open new department and add new goods to your assortment. This way you will attract more clients, earn more money and turn your little place in a true Hyper Market. Start playing now to see whether you have some entrepreneurial skills. You will love this engaging entertainment that will teach you to make business.

Mini Market Tycoon

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